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Wir hatten einen Renault Clio Kombi als Leihwagen in unserem Urlaub in Bulgarien. Wir waren mit der Abwicklung des Fahrzuges sehr zufrieden. Haben das Auto in einem Hotel entgegen genommen, hier war der Mitarbeiter überpünktlich. Auch die Abgabe des Wagens am Flughafen in Sofia gib problemlos über die Bühne. Wir würden jederzeit wieder einen Leihwagen bei Motoroads ordern. Heimo Müller2018-10-07
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Dodge car hire in BulgariaTHE HERITAGE OF THE DODGE BRAND
1900s – John and Horace Dodge form an agreement with Henry Ford to produce most mechanical parts for the new Ford automobile. 1910s – The first Dodge passenger car ‘Old Betsey’, leaves the production line. Bowing to public pressure Dodge builds a truck. 1920s – Dodge introduces the closed, all-steel car. Dodge becomes the first US car maker to open the European plant. 1930s – Cars sent in kit to Europe for assembly locally. Dodge trucks become popular in Europe. 1940s – Dodge introduces a Hemi V-8 engine. 1960s – One piece unibody Dart car introduced. Dodge technology still progressing –swiveling truck drivers seats and self-adjusting brakes introduced. 1970s – Dodge links up with Mitsubishi to sell the Colt small car. Phenomenally successful front-wheel drive Dodge Omni hatchback is launched. 1980s – Dodge Rampage, the first front-wheel drive pick-up is launched. Customers demand the Dodge Viper concept for production. Dodge minivan, the Caravan, is launched in the US. 1990s – The Dodge Dakota convertible, the first soft-top pick-up, is launched. The Ram sports package for customized pick-up fans is announced. Dodge Viper is successfully launched. 2000s - The Intrepid and later the Dodge Charger register record sales in 2004.

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    - Third party liability coverage
    - CDW (Collision damage waiver)
    - VTW (Vehicle Theft Waiver)
    - VFW (Vehicle Fire Waiver)
  • UNLIMITED MILEAGE for all car rentals
  • NO CHARGE for flight/bus/train delays
  • NO CHARGE to change your booking *
  • NO CHARGE to cancel your booking *
  • ROAD TAXES for Bulgaria included
  • VAT and all local taxes included
  • 24-HOUR car pickup/return
  • 24-HOUR phone support
  • FREE child/booster seat
  • FREE additional driver
  • Police report is compulsory for all car rent insurance events **
    If changed/cancelled 24 hours prior to car collection *