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2012 Ford Fusion Hatchback 1.4
2008 Ford Mondeo
Rear view -  2011 Ford Focus 1.6i
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The American brand icon - the Ford Motor Company is the world's third-largest carmaker, with unrivalled massive market penetration worldwide. For more than 100 years, Ford Motor Company has been selling mass-produced automobiles around the globe and has had a crucial contriburion to the auto industry. The Ford company has remained an important player on the automotive industry field with its forward-thinking, several key innovations such as developing large-scale car manufacturing and engineering of an elaborate and highly efficient assembly line. Today, the Ford brand is associated with reliable and practical vehicles with generous equipment levels and good build quality, with fine handling cars that really entertain their drivers. In addition to attracting millions of loyal customers with a wide range of dynamic and innovative vehicles, Ford has been a major brand in every respectable car hire company as Ford cars offer considerable value for money. Popular with car hire customers in Europe and especially in Bulgaria, Ford models include the Focus and Mondeo having set the standards for handling in the family hatchback and medium range classes, or the mid-class supermini and one of the Ford's most successful cars, the Fiesta. Whether you need to hire a small run around or a spacious, secure family car, you can count on Ford vehicles as Ford is one of the prominent names at almost every car rental outlet in Bulgaria.