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Motoroads provides 24/7 private transfers from/to VARNA at lower than shuttle service rates. Our courteous driver will meet you at the transfer pick-up point in Varna with a board with your name and take you safely to your travel destination. We always monitor flight delays to ensure smooth airport transfer service. Your transfer is about comfort and a peace of mind, at first place. Always ask for company's license, background, passenger's insurance and what CUSTOMERS SAY and you'll stay safe when choosing a transfer provider. We offer you not only very competitive transfer rates for Varna , but safety and support 24/7. You can book with us your hassle free transfer online in a couple of minutes and you can print your confirmation voucher instantly at the end of the booking process. Our telephone support lines are at your disposal 24/7.
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Varna - Ahtopol

$146.4$159.6$175.0$252.0$274.0$384.1$439.1227 kms180 min

Varna - Albena

$42.9$49.5$58.3$71.5$93.5$108.9$126.645 kms40 min

Varna - Balchik

$49.5$55.0$60.5$75.9$97.9$120.0$131.055 kms55 min

Varna - Bansko

$296.0$329.0$362.1$465.5$549.1$935.4$1045.5560 kms420 min

Varna - Bourgas

$86.9$93.5$97.9$159.6$197.0$274.0$351.1135 kms110 min

Varna - Bourgas airport

$82.5$86.9$93.5$153.0$186.0$263.0$351.1125 kms100 min

Varna - Bucharest

$208.0$219.0$252.0$373.1$439.1$549.1$604.2290 kms250 min

Varna - Bucharest Baneasa Airport

$208.0$219.0$252.0$373.1askaskask290 kms240 min

Varna - Bucharest Otopeni Airport

$208.0$219.0$252.0$373.1$439.1$549.1$604.2290 kms250 min

Varna - Byala

$49.5$53.9$60.5$82.5$104.5$131.0$142.060 kms50 min

Varna - Chernomorets

$99.0$108.9$120.0$191.5$208.0askask165 kms140 min

Varna - Constanta

$136.5$142.0$175.0$228.9$241.0$329.0$417.1160 kms150 min

Varna - Constanta airport

$136.5$142.0$175.0$217.9$241.0$329.0$417.1160 kms150 min

Varna - Dobrich

$44.0$49.5$53.9$75.9$97.9$120.0$131.055 kms60 min

Varna - Duni

$108.9$131.0$142.0$208.0$241.0$329.0$406.1180 kms170 min

Varna - Edirne

$208.0askaskaskaskaskask390 kms300 min

Varna - Elenite resort

$71.5$82.5$86.9$115.6$153.0$208.0$219.0100 kms90 min

Varna - Elhovo

$153.0$164.0$186.0$263.0$285.0$417.1$483.1240 kms180 min

Varna - Giurgiu

$131.0$153.0$164.0$219.0$274.0$351.1$425.9210 kms160 min

Varna - Golden Sands

$26.4$27.5$39.6$51.7$64.9$86.9$93.520 kms40 min

Varna - Haskovo

$175.0$181.6$208.0$373.1$439.1$685.6$745.0385 kms300 min

Varna - Hissarya

$280.6$293.8$313.6askaskaskask400 kms260 min

Varna - Istanbul

$296.0$307.0$384.1$465.5$549.1$879.3$989.3540 kms430 min

Varna - Istanbul Ataturk Airport

$296.0$307.0$384.1$549.1$593.2$879.3$989.3540 kms430 min

Varna - Kamchia

$31.9$42.9$47.3$64.9$86.9$104.5$108.935 kms30 min

Varna - Kardam

$71.5$75.9$86.9$108.9$153.0$186.0$197.085 kms70 min

Varna - Karnobat

$115.6$131.0$164.0$217.9askaskask200 kms180 min

Varna - Kavarna

$52.8$57.2$66.0$82.5$104.5$131.0ask65 kms60 min

Varna - Kosharitsa

$71.5$82.5$86.9$115.6$153.0$208.0$219.0100 kms90 min

Varna - Kranevo

$40.7$44.0$53.9$70.4$86.9$108.9$115.627 kms30 min

Varna - Krapets

$82.5$86.9$97.9$131.0$175.0$208.0$219.0100 kms80 min

Varna - Neptun Olimp

$108.9$114.5$128.8$186.0$219.0$318.0$373.1150 kms150 min

Varna - Nessebar

$71.5$82.5$86.9$115.6$153.0$208.0$219.0100 kms90 min

Varna - Obzor

$53.9$60.5$64.9$86.9$108.9$135.4$135.465 kms55 min

Varna - Odessa

$539.2askaskaskaskaskask810 kms600 min

Varna - Plovdiv

$202.5$213.5$246.5$373.1$494.1$725.2$846.3430 kms300 min

Varna - Plovdiv airport

$202.5$213.5$246.5$373.1$494.1$725.2$846.3435 kms305 min

Varna - Pomorie

$77.0$82.5$97.9$132.1$175.0$252.0$285.0120 kms95 min

Varna - Primorsko

$131.0$142.0$153.0$219.0$252.0$340.1$417.1193 kms160 min

Varna - Ravda

$73.7$83.6$89.1$131.0$164.0$219.0$241.0105 kms90 min

Varna - Razgrad

$86.9$93.5$97.9$159.6$197.0$219.0$252.0137 kms110 min

Varna - Rousse

$99.0$131.0$142.0$208.0$263.0$329.0$417.1190 kms170 min

Varna - Sabiha Gokcen Airport

$362.1$417.1$505.1$560.2askaskask570 kms460 min

Varna - Shabla

$75.9$82.5$93.5$120.0$164.0$197.0$208.090 kms80 min

Varna - Shumen

$82.5$86.9$97.9$131.0$175.0$208.0$219.0100 kms70 min

Varna - Silistra

$97.9$104.5$120.0$175.0$197.0$274.0$329.0155 kms150 min

Varna - Sinemorets

$148.6$159.6$186.0$263.0$285.0$417.1$483.1240 kms180 min

Varna - Sofia

$197.0$208.0$223.4$439.1$516.1$802.3$1012.5445 kms350 min

Varna - Sofia airport

$197.0$208.0$223.4$439.1$516.1$802.3$1012.5480 kms300 min

Varna - Sozopol

$104.5$115.6$131.0$197.0$219.0$318.0$395.1173 kms150 min

Varna - St Konstantin

$22.0$26.4$36.3$51.7$62.7$80.3$84.710 kms15 min

Varna - St Vlas

$71.5$82.5$86.9$115.6$148.6$208.0$219.095 kms80 min

Varna - Stara Zagora

$217.9$241.0$263.0$327.9askaskask320 kms240 min

Varna - Sunny Beach

$71.5$82.5$86.9$115.6$148.6$214.6$263.097 kms120 min

Varna - Sunny Day

$22.0$26.4$38.5$51.7$63.8$82.5$86.912 kms20 min

Varna - Thessaloniki

$329.0$366.5$395.1$524.9$659.2$989.3$1099.4762 kms610 min

Varna - Thessaloniki Airport

$329.0$366.5$395.1$524.9$659.2$989.3$1099.4762 kms610 min

Varna - Tsarevo

$135.4$153.0$164.0$241.0$263.0$351.1$428.1213 kms180 min

Varna - Vama Veche

$104.5$115.6$126.6askaskaskask120 kms95 min

Varna - Varna airport

$13.2$14.3$19.8$37.4$49.5$82.5$93.510 kms15 min

Varna - Veliko Tarnovo

$131.0$142.0$164.0$219.0$274.0$384.1$439.1230 kms150 min

Varna - Yambol

$153.0$164.0$186.0$263.0$285.0$417.1$483.1260 kms200 min
  Bulgaria’s maritime capital, Varna is located 445 km northeast of Sofia, 430 km northeast of Plovdiv, 200 km southeast of Rousse, 140 km north of Bourgas and 290 km from the Romanian capital Bucharest. As one of the country’s most cosmopolitan cities, Varna is served by the second largest international airport in Bulgaria which is 10 km west of the city center. The transfer time from Varna airport to the city center is only a 15-minutes ride. Bulgaria’s sea capital is not far from Bourgas international airport as well, which is about one hour and a half taxi drive away. In recent years due to the increased flow of travelers from Romania and the town’s proximity to the border with Bulgaria′s north neighbour, the transfers from Bucharest and Constanta airports to Varna have become the convenient choice of transportation with transfer duration of six hours and two hours and a half, respectively. And indeed, Varna deserves a visit as it is the definite highlight of the region – an interesting combination of port city, yet a seaside resort, packed with history and a wide range of sights and museums, yet thoroughly modern and featuring world-class cultural attractions, the most notable of which is a summer-long festival of classical music, folklore and jazz. Varna offers an easy access to the tourist beach complexes of St Konstantin, Sunny Day, Golden Sands, and Albena, as well as to the quieter seaside towns as Kranevo, Balchik, and Kavarna with transfer time by taxi ranging from 10 minutes to one hour via E87 northbound. The transfer time to Obzor and Sunny Beach southbound via E85/A5 is about one hour and an hour and a half, respectively. The transfer from Sofia to Varna will take you along highway E79/A2 towards Pleven and near Yablanitsa continuing along E772 to Varna. After Veliko Tarnovo, near Shumen the road becomes A2 highway and will take you straight to Varna.

   Transfer rates are TOTAL, per TRANSFER VEHICLE and include:

  • No charge for excess luggage
  • No charge for flight delays
  • Airport meet and greet
  • Free child/baby seats
  • Door to door service
  • No hidden charges
  • Monitored flight schedule
  • VAT - local taxes included
  • 24 hours pick-up / drop-off
  • Best transfer rates guaranteed
  • Friendly hotel/resort orientation
  • Prepaid road and parking taxes
  • Vehicle and passenger seat insurance
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