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Cada año usamos este servicio, son muy profesiones, puntuales, la comunicación es excelente y a un precio muy competitivo. Recomiendo esta compañía por la magnífica experiencia durante 6 años Mario2018-07-10
Bourgas Transfers » Taxi hire Bourgas, airport transfer and shuttle transfers from Sofia airport, Varna airport, Bourgas airport, Plovdiv airport to Bourgas. Book online instantly your cheap taxi transfer to / from Bourgas
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Motoroads provides 24/7 private transfers from/to BOURGAS at lower than shuttle service rates. Our courteous driver will meet you at the transfer pick-up point in Bourgas with a board with your name and take you safely to your travel destination. We always monitor flight delays to ensure smooth airport transfer service. Your transfer is about comfort and a peace of mind, at first place. Always ask for company's license, background, passenger's insurance and what CUSTOMERS SAY and you'll stay safe when choosing a transfer provider. We offer you not only very competitive transfer rates for Bourgas , but safety and support 24/7. You can book with us your hassle free transfer online in a couple of minutes and you can print your confirmation voucher instantly at the end of the booking process. Our telephone support lines are at your disposal 24/7.
  If you can't find your transfer destination, email us and we'll send you a quote immediately.
  For last minute bookings (less than 12 hours prior to pick-up) please call us, and we will confirm your booking.

Bourgas - Aheloy

€28.0€33.0€39.0€53.0€65.0€85.0€95.035 kms40 min

Bourgas - Ahtopol

€63.0€75.0€81.0€99.0€129.0€169.0€189.087 kms90 min

Bourgas - Albena

€95.0€99.0€124.0€185.0€218.0€299.0€359.0175 kms160 min

Bourgas - Balchik

€105.0€109.0€139.0€205.0€243.0€329.0€389.0183 kms170 min

Bourgas - Bansko

€229.0€244.0€274.0€379.0€479.0€699.0€799.0450 kms420 min

Bourgas - Bourgas airport

€14.0€17.0€25.0€45.0€59.0€79.0€85.010 kms15 min

Bourgas - Bucharest

€219.0€239.0€269.0€420.0€650.0€741.0€931.0360 kms310 min

Bourgas - Bucharest Otopeni Airport

€219.0€239.0€269.0€420.0€650.0€741.0€931.0390 kms320 min

Bourgas - Byala

€59.0€69.0€79.0€95.0€105.0€149.0€169.080 kms90 min

Bourgas - Chernomorets

€29.0€35.0€39.0€59.0€75.0€95.0€105.025 kms25 min

Bourgas - Dobrich

€115.0€125.0€135.0askaskaskask195 kms170 min

Bourgas - Duni

€39.0€45.0€49.0€69.0€79.0€109.0€119.040 kms50 min

Bourgas - Edirne

€135.0€149.0€159.0€298.0€329.0€379.0€459.0240 kms210 min

Bourgas - Elenite resort

€34.0€36.0€47.0€70.0€80.0€104.0€117.053 kms65 min

Bourgas - Elhovo

€75.0€85.0€89.0€119.0€149.0€199.0€219.0100 kms95 min

Bourgas - Giurgiu

€139.0€149.0€179.0€249.0€299.0€399.0€499.0270 kms230 min

Bourgas - Golden Sands

€85.0€89.0€109.0€165.0€199.0€319.0€329.0160 kms150 min

Bourgas - Haskovo

€139.0€149.0€169.0askaskaskask245 kms200 min

Bourgas - Hissarya

€149.0€159.0€179.0askaskaskask280 kms240 min

Bourgas - Istanbul

€219.0€229.0€239.0€419.0€449.0€639.0€838.0370 kms360 min

Bourgas - Istanbul Ataturk Airport

€219.0€229.0€239.0€439.0€469.0€639.0€838.0355 kms360 min

Bourgas - Izmir

€369.0€449.0€499.0€599.0€799.0€899.0€999.0950 kms720 min

Bourgas - Izmir airport

€369.0€449.0€499.0€599.0€799.0€899.0€999.0950 kms720 min

Bourgas - Karnobat

€49.0€59.0€65.0€85.0askaskask60 kms45 min

Bourgas - Kavarna

€115.0€129.0€143.0€215.0€263.0€349.0€399.0205 kms180 min

Bourgas - Kiten

€59.0€69.0€85.0€98.0€119.0€155.0€159.057 kms65 min

Bourgas - Kosharitsa

€31.0€37.0€45.0€65.0€75.0€99.0€109.052 kms65 min

Bourgas - Lozenets

€55.0€69.0€79.0askaskaskask67 kms60 min

Bourgas - Nessebar

€28.0€35.0€38.0€55.0€69.0€89.0€99.040 kms50 min

Bourgas - Obzor

€55.0€65.0€75.0€89.0€99.0€139.0€159.075 kms85 min

Bourgas - Pamporovo

€185.0€199.0€235.0€299.0€395.0askask380 kms290 min

Bourgas - Pleven

€145.0€155.0€175.0askaskaskask355 kms300 min

Bourgas - Plovdiv

€139.0€149.0€159.0€259.0€319.0€449.0€529.0285 kms180 min

Bourgas - Plovdiv airport

€145.0€155.0€165.0€265.0€323.0€459.0€529.0295 kms190 min

Bourgas - Pomorie

€18.0€20.0€30.0€45.0€55.0€79.0€85.025 kms30 min

Bourgas - Primorsko

€45.0€49.0€55.0€75.0€85.0€149.0€169.053 kms60 min

Bourgas - Ravda

€27.0€33.0€39.0€53.0€65.0€85.0€95.035 kms40 min

Bourgas - Rousse

€115.0€145.0€165.0€229.0€279.0€389.0€489.0270 kms220 min

Bourgas - Sabiha Gokcen Airport

€259.0€269.0€279.0€459.0€499.0€699.0€898.0405 kms395 min

Bourgas - Sandanski

€279.0€289.0€298.0askaskaskask550 kms480 min

Bourgas - Sinemorets

€65.0€77.0€85.0€125.0€179.0€229.0€249.095 kms90 min

Bourgas - Sliven

€79.0€89.0€99.0€123.0€159.0€209.0€229.0115 kms90 min

Bourgas - Sofia

€169.0€179.0€193.0€449.0€519.0€699.0€890.0430 kms300 min

Bourgas - Sofia airport

€169.0€179.0€189.0€369.0€423.0€699.0€890.0450 kms300 min

Bourgas - Sozopol

€31.0€35.0€40.0€65.0€75.0€99.0€129.033 kms35 min

Bourgas - St Konstantin

€77.0€83.0€95.0€149.0€169.0€289.0€298.0150 kms140 min

Bourgas - St Vlas

€33.0€37.0€45.0€59.0€75.0€95.0€105.048 kms50 min

Bourgas - Staro Oryahovo

€69.0€75.0€83.0€109.0€139.0€179.0€199.095 kms95 min

Bourgas - Sunny Beach

€29.0€32.0€41.0€65.0€75.0€95.0€119.043 kms40 min

Bourgas - Sunny Day

€79.0€85.0€99.0€155.0€189.0€298.0€319.0152 kms145 min

Bourgas - Svilengrad

€130.0€139.0€149.0€199.0€239.0€369.0€449.0230 kms200 min

Bourgas - Thessaloniki

€333.0€355.0€399.0€499.0€599.0€799.0€899.0740 kms570 min

Bourgas - Thessaloniki Airport

€333.0€355.0€399.0€499.0€599.0€799.0€899.0740 kms570 min

Bourgas - Tsarevo

€59.0€73.0€79.0€95.0€119.0€159.0€179.073 kms75 min

Bourgas - Varna

€79.0€85.0€89.0€159.0€169.0€289.0€298.0135 kms110 min

Bourgas - Varna airport

€79.0€85.0€89.0€159.0€169.0€289.0€298.0135 kms110 min

Bourgas - Veliko Tarnovo

€145.0€159.0€189.0€305.0€346.0€397.0€448.0225 kms180 min

Bourgas - Yambol

€75.0€85.0€89.0€119.0€149.0€199.0€219.095 kms90 min
  Located at the Southeast part of Bulgaria, Bourgas also has a great coastal location and an advanced infrastructure for transport that helps for the continuous development of trade as well as tourism. It is a key economic, cultural and tourist centre of southeastern Bulgaria, with the Burgas Airport serving as a transfer point to the big resorts of the southern Bulgarian coast like Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Sveti Vlas, Sozopol, Dyuni, Elenite, Ahtopol, Sinemorets. From Burgas to Plovdiv (284 km West) - take highway E773/A6, continue along route 6, turn left along route 66, near Stara Zagora turn right and take E80/A1; From Bourgas to Sofia (449km West) - take highway E773, near Stara Zagora take highway E80/A1 towards Sofia; From Bourgas to Varna (148 km Northeast) - take E87/Route 6, passing Obzor continue along E87.

   Transfer rates are TOTAL, per TRANSFER VEHICLE and include:

  • No charge for excess luggage
  • No charge for flight delays
  • Airport meet and greet
  • Free child/baby seats
  • Door to door service
  • No hidden charges
  • Monitored flight schedule
  • VAT - local taxes included
  • 24 hours pick-up / drop-off
  • Best transfer rates guaranteed
  • Friendly hotel/resort orientation
  • Prepaid road and parking taxes
  • Vehicle and passenger seat insurance
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