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Malaga: Good contact, landlord proactively contacted us on the morning of the rental day. Free shuttle from the airport to the parking lot. Received a new and a 6 year old motorcycle. Uncomplicated processing. Case, top case and lock included. Nice contact at the transfer point. Return uncomplicated. Tomas2023-14-03
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It is really hard to describe one of world’s most intriguing and thrilling cities - Rome, in just a few sentences. Beautifully situated on seven hills, Rome is the capital and the largest city of Italy. Known as well as the Eternal city, it boasts countless ancient treasures from the Roman Empire, through the Renaissance and medieval centuries, astonishing cathedrals, masterpiece sculptures by Michelangelo and fountains by Bernini, art galleries with paintings by Caravaggio and frescoes by Raphael - in every corner there is a history and art is literally all around you. And it is no surprise Rome is one of the world’s great art cities - it is the cradle of one of the globe's greatest civilizations ever and has been a millennium-long center of power, religion and culture. The best way to explore Rome is to rent a motorcycle or scooter. Hire motorbikes or scooters are the best way of transportation in this vibrant sprawling metropolis with its heavy traffic. Indeed, only rental scooter or motorcycle will give you the freedom to explore most scenic routes Rome has to offer or its best kept secrets because two-wheeled vehicles can enter every area of the historical centre, even the ZTL zone (Traffio restricted area) and it is much easier to park in the center of Rome on the parking areas reserved exclusively for two wheeled vehicles. Any trip in Roma on a rental scooter or motorcycle is much about tasting the atmosphere and lifestyle of this unique city as it's indulging in historical sights and art. And there is no better way to do that than on a hire motorbike or scooter which will give you the complete freedom of access to hundreds of pizzerias, restaurants, designer bars, trattorias, busy cafés and fashionable boutiques that crowd the city center piazzas and hidden streets. Rome will surely amaze you with its combination of rich historical heritage and cosmopolitan atmosphere, turning it into one of the most important tourist destinations of the world for millions of visitors every year. There is always something to be discovered in this reviving city, always something to see among the magnificent historical sights and so many things to do in this contemporary global metropolis. And the best way to do it is by renting your motorcycle or scooter in Rome.


Rome - colliseum
Rome - Italy
Rome - Vatican City
Rome - Trevi Fountain
Rim - Trevi Fountain
Rome - Italy


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