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GABROVO - Bulgaria » The town of Gabrovo is situated along the two banks of the Yantra river, at the northern foot of the Central Balkan range or in other words in the immediate proximity of the geographical centre of Bulgaria. Long known for producing leather work and textiles, Gabrovo is the starting point for trips to Bozhentsi, or south to the ethnographic complex Etara and the nearby Sokolovo monastery. To the Bulgarians, Gabrovo is primarily known as the home of the House of Humour and Satire which pays tribute to the town's position as the butt of the country's jokes on account of the alleged stinginess of its inhabitants. A Festival of Humour takes place in May every 2 years and the town becomes the centre of the International biennial of humour and satire in arts. The town's highlights include the Aprilov School, the Historical Museum, the 1835 Clock Tower, the Baev Bridge.


Traditional Costume, Gabrovo Festival
Festival, Town of Gabrovo
Traditional Festival Costume, Gabrovo
The Festival of Humour, Gabrovo
Festival of Humor, Gabrovo
A Man, Gabrovo
A Girl, Gabrovo


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