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Map Botevgrad
BOTEVGRAD - Bulgaria » The town of Botevgrad is located in the valley of Botevgrad, at the northern foot of the eastern parts of the west Balkan Range. It is 65 km northeast of Sofia and its international airport, 57 km southeast of Vratsa, 40 km southeast of Mezdra, 25 km northeast of Etropole and 40 km southwest of Yablanitsa. The town has a strategic location as the Vitinya Pass connects north Bulgaria with the south part of the country. While in Botevgrad, tourists can visit the historical museum, the Ascension Church (1864), the Community Cultural Centre (1883), and the Clock Tower (1866). In close vicinity is an ancient settlement, the Vracheshki Monastery, St Holy Mother Monastery, St George Monastery, Bozhenishki Urvich fortress, the temple in Skravena.


Center of Botevgrad
Town of Botevgrad


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