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KALOFER - Bulgaria » The town of Kalofer is situated in a valley on the banks of Tundzha river, in the skirts of the Strazhata hill. It is 165 km east of Sofia, on the main road from Sofia to Bourgas. Once in town, tourists can visit the house-museum of Hristo Botev - the great national revolutionary and poet, and Botyo Petkov's school - Hristo Botev's father and prominent teacher. Other sights to visit in Kalofer are the preserved houses in the old quarter, the stone bridge, the monument of Kalifer Voivoda. 7 km to the north is Panitsite resort and 6 km to the west is the Female Monastery (1640). Mountain hikers can climb to Dzhendem Canyon, Raiskoto Pruskalo waterfall or the highest peak in the Balkan Range - Mt Botev (2376 m).


Memorial Complex, Kalofer
Professional School Ivanka Boteva, Kalofer
Nunnery, Kalofer
St Mary Church, Kalofer


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