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GOTSE DELCHEV - Bulgaria » The town of Gotse Delchev is located at the southwest foot of the Pirin mountain in the Gotse Delchev Hollow, on the banks of the Nevrokopska river. It is situated 51 km south of Bansko, 112 km from Blagoevgrad, 212 km from Sofia and 22 km from the border with Greece. There is plenty to see in Gotse Delchev and the region: the historical museum, Rafat Bei Revival Architectural Complex, the Holy Virgin Church (1833), St Archangel Michail Church, Zafir Kunchev's private ethnographic collection, the 500 year old plane tree which is 24 m high, the remains of ancient settlements. Close to the town are Momina Klisura defile, Kornitsa, Breznitsa and Kamenitsa circles, the Orelyak reserve, Popovi Livadi mountain resort.


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