Охридско Езеро турове

Охридско Езеро - турове, пътувания, екскурзии, приключения

Охридско Езеро ТУРОВЕ

  • Мото тур на Балканите
    ВРЕМЕ: 8 ДНИ
    РЕГИОН: Охридско Езеро, Гърция, Албания

    This unique motorbike trip stretches over four countries - Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Greece. The ride will go along the beautiful Ohrid Lake in Macedonia - one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes with a preserved unique aquatic ecosystem and many historcal sites on its shores, and the famous Vlore-Sarande coastal road in Albania. You will also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gjirokastra and the Cobo Winery in Albania, the magical Meteora monastery complex in Greece which magnificent monasteries are perched atop 400 m high sandstone rock formations and the symbolic Rila monastery on the slopes of the highest Balkan Peninsula Mountain, regarded as Bulgaria's most important cultural, historical and architectural monument.