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Very professional company. We had 5 bikes delivered at the airport in excellent condition (3 of which were brand new! ). Our one week bicycle trip was just great and Motoroads picked up our group 300km away to return back to the airport. Sioufi2016-26-06
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  The most convenient and cost effective way to RENT A BICYCLE IN SARDINIA - ALGHERO, ITALY.

We offer a wide range of bicycles for rent via - mountain bikes, city bicycles, touring, racing, city, hybrid, ladies, electric and bicycles for kids. Our Sardinia - Alghero bicycle rental fleet in Italy is built of reasonably priced new and used bicycles available at low rental rates. All kind of professional bicycle gear, accessories and equipment rental is available upon request in order to make your cycling adventure pleasant and safe. Being long in the cycle hire service, we know what you expect from us, and how to treat you.

We value our returning customers and reward them with great discounts for all bicycle rentals.
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Bicycle rental in Sardinia - Alghero. Our rental fleet consists of ON-ROAD, XC [cross-country] or MTB [mountain] bicycles. Booking online a bicycle for rent in Sardinia - Alghero is quite easy and takes a minute. If you wish we will deliver the bicycles to the place you stay in Sardinia - Alghero. Renting an on-road, cross-country or MTB bike is probably the best way to experience Sardinia - Alghero and Italy. Upon bicycle collection, we will give you friendly road and map orientation.

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 Located closer to Africa than Italy, the island of Sardinia is Mediterranean’s second-largest island after Sicily. It offers rocky coastline, rugged landscape and some of the Mediterranean’s most seductive beaches, yet within short distance of elite hotels and ritzy resorts, posh shops, some great restaurants and bars. Once a crossroad for empires journeying through the Mediterranean sea, Sardinia has been a cultural melting-pot but the influence that is most obvious is the Spanish Catalan seen in Alghero, in Northern Sardinia, which street signs are still written in Catalan. Different from Italy's mainland with its rather scarce art and architectural examples, Sardinia is predominantly wild and mountainous, covered in a carpet of densely growing evergreen shrubs. The large distances involved and the scattered in the countryside unique prehistoric sights like the astonishing 7 000 cone-shaped stone towers - the nuraghi, the curious temples and mysterious remains of entire Bronze Age villages, the secluded turquoise coves and countless white sandy beaches make Sardinia ideal for touring on a hire motorcycle or scooter. An island where sheep outnumber people, Sardinia is the perfect place to get away from it all on your rental motorbike or scooter as it is best explored by road. Those curious to get a feel of the island's unique atmosphere should consider renting a motorbike or scooter directly at Alghero-Fertilia Airport in the northern part of Sardinia and take the meandering drives along the coastline or into the rugged hinterland. To get away from the crowded urban scene, rent a motorcycle or scooter to take you to medieval Bosa in the west with its picturesque pink-and-golden buildings, or to the fascinating Alghero, or to the historic Calgliari and Oristano, or to the fishing village of Isola Rossa with one of the most seductive stretches of sand and gin-clear water for the snorkel lovers. Explore the thriving traditional culture in Sardinia’s heartland on your rental motorbike or scooter and indulge your senses in the robust cuisine with hearty pastas, pungent local cheeses and roasted meats. Sardinia is well worth a holiday all to itself and the best way to do it is on two wheels of a rental motorcycle or scooter.
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