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Excellent service, very good bike. Warmly recommended! Bert Blocken2017-10-11
  The most convenient and cost effective way to RENT A BICYCLE IN KARDJALI, BULGARIA.

We offer a wide range of bicycles for rent via Motoroads.com - mountain bikes, city bicycles, touring, racing, city, hybrid, ladies, electric and bicycles for kids. Our Kardjali bicycle rental fleet in Bulgaria is built of reasonably priced new and used bicycles available at low rental rates. All kind of professional bicycle gear, accessories and equipment rental is available upon request in order to make your cycling adventure pleasant and safe. Being long in the cycle hire service, we know what you expect from us, and how to treat you.

We value our returning customers and reward them with great discounts for all bicycle rentals.
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Bicycle rental in Kardjali. Our rental fleet consists of ON-ROAD, XC [cross-country] or MTB [mountain] bicycles. Booking online a bicycle for rent in Kardjali is quite easy and takes a minute. If you wish we will deliver the bicycles to the place you stay in Kardjali. Renting an on-road, cross-country or MTB bike is probably the best way to experience Kardjali and Bulgaria. Upon bicycle collection, we will give you friendly road and map orientation.

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KARDJALI - Bulgaria » Kardjali is located in the very heart of the eastern Rhodope mountain, along the two banks of the Arda river, 100 km southeast of Plovdiv. 6000 years-old remains of human life as well as ample examples of the presence of Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, late-Ottoman and Bulgarian culture have been found on the territory of the town. After the town's liberation from the Ottoman rule in 1912, Kardjali became the "tobacco warehouse of the eastern Rhodopes", as some of the best quality tobaccos are grown on the special soils in the region. Landmarks of interest are the 11th-12th century Bulgarian basilica "St. John the Precursor", the Historical Museum, housed in a vast mosque-like building and containing superb collections from prehistoric ritual objects to ethnographic costumes and crafts. The two big dams on both sides of the town are excellent places for tourism, water sports and entertainment. Kardjali is the starting point for visits to the numerous rock formations in the region-the Stone Wedding and mushrooms, the Stone Forest, the Rock Widow, the Rocks at Ustra, and the medieval fortress of Perperek.
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