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Everything went well ! Very good support from rental station in Malaga, motorcycle itself almost new and in very good condition. Oct 2023 Sebastian2023-02-11
  The most convenient and cost effective way to HIRE A SCOOTER IN SINEMORETS, BULGARIA.

You can rent from a small to a maxi scooter via - 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, 650cc. Our Sinemorets moped rental fleet in Bulgaria is built of reasonably priced new scooters available at low rental rates inclusive of insurance and road assistance. We also offer, all kind of useful scooter gear, accessories and equipment rental in order to make your trip safe and enjoyable. Being long in the scooter rental service, we know what you expect from us, and how to treat you - CUSTOMERS SAY IT ALL!

We value our returning customers and reward them with great discounts for all scooter rentals. Also, check below our hot deals for motorbike rental, atv-quad hire, bicycle rent and snowmobile rental.

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Cheap scooters for rent in Sinemorets. You can rent 50cc, 125cc, 250cc, 650cc scooters online on Booking is safe and easy and takes a few minutes. Scooter rentals are available for collection at different locations in Sinemorets. Renting a scooter is an excellent way to travel in Sinemorets and the surroundings. We provide scooter riding equipment upon request and we are always happy to assist you with your moped rental in Sinemorets and Bulgaria.

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SINEMORETS Holiday Village » Sinemorets is a small seaside village situated on a peninsula south of the mouth of the Veleka River, on the southeastern coast of the Black Sea, close to the border with Turkey. It is 5 km from Ahtopol, 95 km south of Bourgas, 105 km from Bourgas International Airport, 135 km from Sunny Beach and 240 km from Varna International Airport. The village has become very popular nowadays because of its beautiful nature - crystal waters, five sandy beaches, tree forests. In close vicinity are Strandzha Mountain National Park and the reserve between the Veleka river and the Rezovska river. Tourists can enjoy the special organized excursions by boats, hiking in the forests, fishing, photo tours.
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