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With the arrival of the budget compact Honda PCX 125 in 2009, it become one of the best selling scooters in its category. Honda PCX 125cc quickly distanced itself from the competition not only by its price but by its size and embedded technology. It is the first ever two-wheeler to incorporate a fuel-saving idle stop system which automatically shuts off the PCX when stopped offering a particularly low fuel consumption. One of the lowest fuel consumptions in the category makes for a ride of up to 300 km in city without refilling making Honda PCX 125cc an ideal scooter choice for hire. But Honda PCX is not only economical, agile and efficient scooter for rent with lively four-stroke engine. It is a funky-looking one as well with a futuristic design with predominantly all lights front and a particularly compact appearance, standing out from the majority of scooters for hire with its shaved lines, not to mention the build HONDA quality and the impeccable finish throughout. Despite its small size, the 2013/2014 Honda PCX 125cc for hire boasts practicalities like a big leg-room, an under-seat storage space big enough for an integral helmet, and a decent-sized cubbyhole on the dash. Honda PCX is a brilliant little scooter for rent in its own right whether you need it for business while in Lisbon, as a fashion accessory for your visit of Nice or as a reliable means of carrying out all kinds of daily tasks in Porto. It is a genuine master of urban life in Europe that scores highly in terms of style, performance and practicality. PORTO Scooter rental

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15 Mar - 31 Oct € 40 € 40 € 38 € 38 € 38 € 38 € 37
1 Nov - 14 Mar € 35 € 30 € 28 € 28 € 28 € 28 € 28
Automatic transmission , Dry weight: 130 kg, Front tire : 14" , Rear tire : 14" , Seat height : 76cm (), Electric starter, Passenger seat, Side stand, Top case rack, Water-cooled, Scooter rental in Porto - from  28 EUR
 Minimum Driver's age: 21 years       
 Minimum Driver's experience: 1 years 125cc motorcycle license (A1)