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SYM Orbit 50cc is a well thought-out, bargain little scooter for rent, designed for daily use for those seeking easy and agile commuting in the city. Unlike many other 50cc scooters, SYM Orbit's size feels big enough when behind the wheel thanks to its slim, truncated design while its 12inch tire and light body give the easiest bridle ability within traffic. Actually, SYM Orbit 50cc comes with extremely simple and neat yet funky body design which is enriched with stylish spot-on graphics and touches like the crystal diamond-shaped headlights. Easy to ride and perfect for not so experienced riders, the 2013 SYM Orbit 50cc is a great scooter hire option for Lisbon or Nice for those looking for basic shorthop transport that looks great, is reliable and incredibly economical. NICE AIRPORT Scooter rental

2016 SYM Orbit 50cc
Automatic transmission , Dry weight: 99 kg, Front tire : 12" , Rear tire : 12" , Seat height : 76cm (), Air-cooled, Scooter rental in Nice Airport - from  0 EUR
 Minimum Driver's age: 18 years       
 Minimum Driver's experience: 2 years 50cc motorcycle license