MILAN » 2013 Piaggio Liberty 50cc scooter rental

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Moped rentals Milan » Rent 2013 Piaggio Liberty 50cc
The Liberty is Piaggio's well established high-wheeled commuter scooter. Light and nimble with a sleek design and larger than average wheels to aid stability, the 2013 Piaggio Liberty 50cc ensures confidence and easy handling which is perfect for rent in the city traffic. This is one of the lighter rental scooters out there which makes it very maneuverable but can provide less stability for some riders. The 2013 Piaggio Liberty 50cc belongs to the large-diameter wheels class of scooters with a step-through frame, which are an excellent rental choice for women because of the ease of accessibility and the stable feeling when riding on not-so-friendly road surface. On the road, 2013 Piaggio Liberty's larger wheels really make a difference to the riding experience. For experienced riders this may not be too much of an issue but for somebody who is getting out on a rental scooter for the first time a large wheeled machine is a definite advantage. In addition to its protective bodywork, the Liberty features a large windshield and a top trunk as standard equipment, also - a low and comfortable seat and roomy flat footrest turning the 2013 Piaggio Liberty 50cc into a practical and all-weather effective moped. Equipped with the Piaggio Hi-PER 50 2-stroke engine, famous for its performance and high fuel economy, the 2013 Piaggio Liberty 50cc for rent offers reliability and easy handling in city traffic. MILAN

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1 Jan - 31 Dec €45 €40€38 €35€28.5 €27€20 €20€18 €17
Automatic transmission , Dry weight: 87 kg, Front tire : 16" , Rear tire : 14" , Seat height : 78cm (), Air-cooled, Electric starter, Scooter rental in Milan - from  17 EUR
 Minimum Driver's age: 18 years       
 Minimum Driver's experience: 1 years car driver`s license is required