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The 2013 Yamaha X-Max 125 cc is every scooter rental customer's dream. And it is no wonder why - it is a premium quality sports scooter with maxi storage space, including two practical compartments and a generous under-seat console for 2 full-face helmets. But practicality is not the only characteristic of 2013 Yamaha X-Max 125cc for rent. Apart from the refined sporty styling and the obvious build quality, the Yamaha X-Max features comfortable seat and an ergonomically designed handlebar, compact dimensions and agile chassis, and a pair of pretty big wheels for great low speed maneuverability and stable, comfortable high-speed cruising. The 2013 Yamaha X-Max for rent is powered by responsive liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 4-stroke 125cc engine with excellent output, exceptional braking system and low fuel consumption for smooth riding around town. It is this ideal balance of comfort, style, sportiness and functionality that has turned the 2013 Yamaha X-Max 125cc into a rental favourite for daily commuting into the city, for leisure riding or local touring at the weekends. One of the the industry’s most versatile sports scooters, the 2013 Yamaha X-Max 125cc for rent delivers sports performance, sophisticated looks and everyday practicality at once. MADRID Scooter rental

2013 Yamaha X-Max 125 cc 1-3 days 4-6 days 7-14 days 15-100 days 101-365 days
1 Jan - 31 Dec € 45 € 39 € 35 € 30 € 26
Automatic transmission , Dry weight: 173 kg, Front tire : 15" , Rear tire : 14" , Seat height : 79cm (), Electric starter, Water-cooled, Scooter rental in Madrid - from  26 EUR
 Minimum Driver's age: 25 years       
 Minimum Driver's experience: 3 years B - 18 years + 3 years experience