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Piaggio MP3 scooter is an excellent commuting scooter for rent that has set new standards for dynamic stability and delivers unprecedented performance, ease of use and safety. Part of the revolutionary MP3 scooter lineup, the 2013 Piaggio MP3 400cc has a three wheels configuration with 2 wheels up front and 1 wheel at the rear which is the biggest innovation to come out of the moped world in recent years. The Piaggio MP3 is the only scooter for rent on the market to put the extra wheel up front. Each of the two front wheels acts independently based on how much the scooter leans, which results in easier ride in adverse city conditions like slippery roads, riding on tram lines and cobblestones and provides higher levels of road grip and a decreased braking distance. This innovative electro-hydraulic tilt system enhances rider stability and safety making the 2013 Piaggio MP3 400cc a great rental choice for the city. This 3-wheel scooter is an awesome rental solution for those who will not ride a motorcycle on a weekend getaway as well. It is great for rent even for long-distance touring because it offers faultless ergonomics - the handle bar and saddle are carefully designed to offer a comfortable riding position and also a spacious under-seat storage. Below the 2013 Piaggio MP3’s large seat there is a generous storage area that can accommodate two full face helmets or lots of other gear. The excellent road holding, the unparalleled cornering safety and 40-degree lean angle guarantee ultimate maneuverability and immense riding satisfaction on country roads. The dimensions of a maxi scooter combined with unmatched agility, backed by Piaggio's famous craftsmanship quality and style, make the 2013 Piaggio MP3 400cc a preferred rental choice for any city in Europe. MADRID Scooter rental

2013 Piaggio MP3 400cc LT 1-3 days 4-6 days 7-14 days 15-100 days 101-365 days
1 Jan - 31 Dec € 55 € 45 € 40 € 35 € 30
Automatic transmission , Dry weight: 204 kg, Front tire : 12" , Rear tire : 14" , Seat height : 78cm (), Electric starter, Passenger seat, Water-cooled, Windshield, Scooter rental in Madrid - from  30 EUR
 Minimum Driver's age: 25 years       
 Minimum Driver's experience: 3 years full motorcycle license required