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Suzuki Burgman 400 cc is a maxi scooter with great handling and notable luggage capacity. It offers 63 liters of storage room which is even more than its bigger brother can offer – Suzuki Burgman 650 cc. Suzuki Burgman 400 has an improved liquid cooled engine with fuel injection and outstanding braking which is a must for its 197 kg dry weight. The scooter is equipped with a central stand which is of great help for the tire and liquid level maintenance. Both rider and passenger's seat are wide and soft, making the ride comfortable even on a long distance. The Suzuki Burgman became a byword for one the most economical scooters in its class and a preferred maxi scooter rental choice in Greece Crete Rethymno. CRETE - CHANIA AIRPORT Scooter rental

2010 Suzuki Burgman 400cc. 5-6 days 7-13 days 14-29 days 30-365 days
1 Jan - 31 Dec € 70.2 € 70 € 69 € 68
Automatic transmission , Dry weight: 197 kg, Front tire : 13" , Rear tire : 13" , Seat height : 71cm (), 12V standard socket, Central stand, Electric starter, Fuel level gauge, Passenger seat, Top case rack, Water-cooled, Scooter rental in Crete - Chania Airport - from  68 EUR
 Minimum Driver's age: 21 years       
 Minimum Driver's experience: 1 years full motorcycle license required