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Lady bicycles are a great rental choice for women who manage successfully everyday tasks such as shopping with leisure and sport. Designed for ladies, those bikes are stylish and reliable, although more lightweight and have no top tube. Most of them feature short length, light carbon frames with small extend to the brakes and handlebars. Lady bikes offer wide comfortable leather or high tech fabric saddles, fenders over the tires and baskets in front or at the rear. Venue Lady Acera 21 V, Venue City Bike Lady Turney 21 V, Juliet XT-Edition, Juliet 20-MD, Juliet 40-D, Kate Spade NY for Adeline Adeline Bike, Gazelle Toer Populair Lady, Caferacer Doppio Lady, Scott Contessa, Venue Lady Acera 21V and Juliet 1000 are some of the well-known models.

  • Manual transmission , Human-powered, Seat height : 80cm (adjustable + 20cm), Front mud guard, V-brake, Multi-speed system, Adjustable handlebar, Saddle suspension, Front suspension, Reflectors, Rear mud guard, Bike Kickstand, Bottle holder, Luggage rack, Bash guard, Bicycle hire in Sofia

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