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  Pirin mountains are the second highest in Bulgaria after Rila mountains. They are situated in the southwest part of the country in a rather extended shape to the northwest and southeast between the rivers Struma and Mesta. Pirin mountains offer some of the finest walking in Europe and has acquired an Alpine relief - rocky marble or granite peaks and cliffs, deep cirques, well shaped glacier valleys and lakes. However, because of the well-expressed Mediterranean influence through the valleys of the Struma and Mesta rivers, it is the mountain with the greatest number of sunny days throughout the year and annual average temperature in the area of Vihren chalet (2000m) of -3.7C. Northern Pirin is home of the highest peak, Vihren (2914m), of 60 others above 2500m, and of 140-150 glacial lakes.It is also the place where one can find most of the region's ski resorts and hiking centers, as well as 12 chalets and 4 huts which are open for mountaineers the year-round. Because of its unique nature, in 1983 UNESCO decided to include the Pirin National Park in the list of the world's cultural and natural heritage. Pirin National Park is situated in the highest part of the Pirin mountain range. Its landscape is dominated by alpine granite peaks, with scores of gem-like lakes cupped in mountain basins, caves, waterfalls, majestic abysses and cliffs. This area is a home to two biosphere reserves with unique ecosystems including the ancient Baikusheva black fir and many rare plant species, such as the near extinct Edelweiss.

Pirin Mountain TOURS

  • Horseback in Rhodope mountains
    TIME: 2 hours
    REGION: Pirin Mountain
    The Rhodope mountains, the most lyrical Bulgarian mountains, is located in the most southern part of the country. The Rhodope mountains are one of the oldest mountains in Bulgaria - the land where panpipes, Orpheus and the Orphic Cult originated, a region rich in gems and ores, mild oval forms and rounded wooded peaks, picturesque villages and hospitable people. Very interesting are the karst areas with their deep river gorges, large caves and specific sculptured forms. What is typical for the Rhodope mountains is that they are the most populated mountains in Bulgaria which together with the mild climate and the numerous mineral springs, provides essential advantages for the development of tourism. The best conifer woods in Bulgaria can be found here, as well as 15 natural reserves, some of which protected under UNESCO. The highest peak is Golyam Perelik at an altitude of 2191m.