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Excellent service, very good bike. Warmly recommended! Bert Blocken2017-10-11

CITY BICYCLES » Barcelona gallery

City rental bicycles are a great choice to save time in Bulgarian city traffic. Flexible and durable, city bikes are stylish and comfortable way to go shopping, to see the city or just to have fun. City bicycles feature a strong steel or aluminum frame, strong wheels with at least 36 spokes, comfortable (often leather) seat and wide tires for smooth ride and good grip. A little more upright biker's position is essential in this class as the city bikers ride with the traffic and they need to turn their body and head for better seeing. City bikes usually provide carrier rack or pannier to accommodate passenger's luggage comfortably. Some of the best models include S-Presso GT, S-Presso 300, Venue City Bike Man Acera 24 V, Electra Ticino 8D Bike, Linus Roadster Classic, Public J7 Bike, Velorbis Men's Scrap Deluxe, Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike and Simple City 8.

  • 2013 B`TWIN B`cooOl

LADY BICYCLES » Barcelona gallery

Lady bicycles are a great rental choice for women who manage successfully everyday tasks such as shopping with leisure and sport. Designed for ladies, those bikes are stylish and reliable, although more lightweight and have no top tube. Most of them feature short length, light carbon frames with small extend to the brakes and handlebars. Lady bikes offer wide comfortable leather or high tech fabric saddles, fenders over the tires and baskets in front or at the rear. Venue Lady Acera 21 V, Venue City Bike Lady Turney 21 V, Juliet XT-Edition, Juliet 20-MD, Juliet 40-D, Kate Spade NY for Adeline Adeline Bike, Gazelle Toer Populair Lady, Caferacer Doppio Lady, Scott Contessa, Venue Lady Acera 21V and Juliet 1000 are some of the well-known models.

  • 2013 B`TWIN B`cooOl

RACING BICYCLES » Barcelona gallery

Racing bikes (road bikes) are a great rental choice to discover Europe while raising your adrenaline. Built for speed and competitive racing, everything except the speed is not essential. This class of bikes may be used on road, down hillsides, off road, through rough mountain terrain. According to this they may be divided in the following types: cycle-cross bicycles, speedway bicycles, mountain racing (off-road racing) and bicycles for velodromes (track bicycles). Racing bikes are lightweight with aerodynamic construction. In order to provide excellent performance and better efficiency, their frame must be built resembling a triangle - with three straight tubular shapes. It is made of high tech components such as carbon and weighs less than 1 kg. Regarding the efficiency, wheels and their rims must have an aerodynamic shape as well. They may be made from aluminum fusion, carbon fiber or metal. Racing bikes feature narrow, light tires with thin tread in order to lessen air and rolling resistance. Racing bikes manufacturer are Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM etc. and some of the best racing examples are Litespeed L1 Dura Ace, Focus Cayo Evo 4.0, Scott CR1 Team, Road bike, Focus Izalco Pro 3.0, Litespeed Li2 Di2, Orbea Orca SLi2, Orbea Orca GLT and BH Cristal Dura Ace di2.

  • 2017 Focus CAYO EVO 4.0