Bulgaria Fun News - Love Is In The Air

Bulgaria Fun News - Love Is In The Air
On February 14 million of people round the world celebrate the most pure and sublime holiday - St. Valentine's Day.

This is the most romantic day of the year, dedicated to those who are in love; a day when everyone praises the gift of love, when people express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards, giving presents and flowers.
We wish you 365 days of St. Valentine's Day!
And while North America and Europe celebrate the Day of Love, the entire Bulgarian nation, without exception, honours one of Bulgarians favourite holidays - St. Trifon Zarezan Day.
On this day the nation pays tribute to the vine, grapes and wine. The professional celebration day of vine-growers and wine-makers has been officially celebrated since 1962.
St. Trifon's celebration could be also a distant repercussion of the ancient Dionysus holidays. 
Nowadays February 14 is more a reason for double celebrations in the country.



by Blaga Bangieva   


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