Bulgaria Fun News - Martenitsa is Bulgaria's best known symbol

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Bulgaria Fun News - Martenitsa is Bulgaria's best known symbol

The martenitsa is Bulgaria's best known symbol, followed by a misty morning in the Rhodope Mountains and the gangsters.
These are among the best known Bulgarian symbols that foreign readers of the Bulgarian magazine Vagabond chose.

The campaign "Symbols of Bulgaria" started officially on July 21. 1229 people have voted at the site of the magazine.
Foreigners, living in Bulgaria, as well as Bulgarians outside their home country are those, who took part in the campaign, the most active outside Bulgaria being those in Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Turkey.
Survey, taken by "Vagabond" magazine shows that the symbols of Bulgaria, chosen by foreigners are entirely different from those, chose by Bulgarians.
The foreigners ignore The Madara horseman, chosen by Bulgarian, as their top-symbol, as well as the Bulgarian rose and the yoghurt, comments Anton Georgiev from "Vagabond" magazine.
"One of the most peculiar participants in the list is not an object or a concept, but a feeling - a misty morning in the Rhodope. We all have seen that - at dawn, in the Rhodopes, the mist is still not risen, but the sun shines through it and one can almost hear the scream of a bag-pipe, even if there is no bag pipe around".
Here is the whole list:
Martenitsa 25, 1 %
Misty morning in the Rhodope Mountains - 24, 8 %
Gangsters -11, 9 %
Sexy girls - 9, 1%
Rakia and cigarettes smoke - 7, 6%
The expression - "In a minute" - 6, 8 %
The cosmopolitan capital Sofia with a church, a mosque and a synagogue -4, 7 %
The overbuilt of the Bulgarian seaside - 4, 2 %
Expensive cars and donkey carriages - 3, 9 %
Street dogs -1, 7 %

by Diana Stoykova   


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