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Excellent service, very good bike. Warmly recommended! Bert Blocken2017-10-11


Junior rental bikes are а great choice to explore Bulgaria and have fun with your kids. Junior bicycles are usually categorised by their wheel size unlike adult bicycles which are rated by frame size. Regarding their wheel size, it varies between 40 cm and 61 cm. They feature low profile y-shaped most often aluminum frame, comfortable seats and rear racks or baskets for girl's models. According to safety, helmets are compulsory. Sprint Ninja, FRC DUKE 24 18 sp, ZR6 16" 1V, Camila 20" 6V, Starmoon 12" 1V, DAKAR 624 Boy, DAKAR 624 Girl, Diamondback Venom 20" Freestyle, MTX 250, MTX 250 Girls, Ridgeback RB MX14, Giant's Frantic for boys and Taffy for girls are some of the most popular examples.