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The 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King is a classically-styled touring bike for rent packed with all of Project Rushmore advantages. It features high output air-cooled Twin Cam 103 engine which has been modified to deliver more low-end torque, better feedback and more passing power for 2014. The 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King for rent also comes with new Reflex Anti-lock ABS System with the front and rear brakes electronically linked to provide exactly the right amount of brake to each tire no matter what the road conditions are and standard air-adjustable suspension allowing to set this motorcycle for rent to a firm or soft ride depending on your comfort preferences. The comfort is further ensured by the ultimate touring two-up Road King seat with improved ergonomics providing comfort for a wide variety of rider sizes. Additionally, its lower seat height and the new ergonomically designed hand controls enhance rider's confidence and stability. These features of the 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King make every rider a better one no matter of the experience. This is a full-on touring bike, thoroughly competent on long distances. And it is one great looking one as well - the timeless Harley-Davidson styling with classic headlamp and retro painted gas tank completed with new dual halogen and LED headlamps, low-profile front fenders and lighter cast aluminum wheels all add to image of 2016 Harley-Davidson Road King for rent as the true king of the road. VENICE Motorbike rental

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1 Jan - 31 Dec €190.0 €153.0€140.0 €137.0€124.0 €122.0€115.0 €115.0 €110.0
Manual transmission , Dry weight: 353 kg, Front tire : 17" , Rear tire : 16" , Seat height : 71cm (), ABS, Air-cooled, Electric starter, Engine guard, Fuel level gauge, Passenger seat, Rear wheel mud protector, Side case racks, Side stand, Windshield, Мotorbike rentals in Venice - from  155 EUR
 Minimum Driver's age: 21 years       
 Minimum Driver's experience: 1 years A - Full motorcycle license