Bulgaria Nature News - Wealth of Bulgarian Nature

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Bulgaria Nature News - Wealth of Bulgarian Nature

Yesterday was the international day of biodiversity.
Bulgaria takes hardly 1 hundredth of the Europe's surface but on these 110, 912 square kilometers have gathered enormous range of live organisms, which makes Bulgaria one of the places with richest biodiversity in Europe.
Bulgaria can praise with 94 species mammals, 383 birds, 36 reptiles, 16 amphibians, 207 sea and river fish, round 27,000 insects and other invertebrates, between 3, 500 and 3, 750 species high plants and more than 500 low plants and mushrooms.
At the moment Bulgaria has 89 reserves and 11 national parks. Big part of their territory has international significance.
'Pirin' National Park and 'Srebarna' Reserve are declared for objects of World Nature Inheritance.
50 Bulgarian objects are included in the UN list of national park and protected areas.
Despite all, the common surface of protected territories is insufficient compared to the range Bulgarian nature wealth.

by  Kristalina Ilieva