Bulgaria Culture News - Ancient Shoumen Fortress to Become Second Tzarevetz

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Bulgaria Culture News - Ancient Shoumen Fortress to Become Second Tzarevetz

The fortress at the Shoumen plateau (Northeastern Bulgaria) could be transformed into a second Tzarevetz, the famous Veliko Turnovo's Medieval fortress.
The mayor of Shoumen Krassimir Kostov plans the fortress to be restored into its original size.
The initial sum for the implementation of the project is around 416, 000 EUR. Shoumen local government is ready to spend 63, 000 EUR.
The remaining part of the money could come from Europe under the program for preservation of the European cultural heritage.
It is expected the south-east tower of the fortress to be turned into a museum and the walls to be rebuilt to 4-5 m height.
There will also be lights and music show for the tourists just as in Veliko Turnovo's Tzarevetz.
The project approval is expected in the next few months, pointed out from the Shumen municipality. 
Shoumen Fortress has existed for more than 3,200 years. During early and late middle ages the Shoumen Fortress played an important role in history.
In 1444, during the crusade march of Vladislav III Yagelo, the fortress was destroyed and burned down.
Shoumen Fortress is one of the most explored archaeological sites in the country.
It is cultural and architectural heritage,contains thousands of movable monuments  and bear record of the diverse functions during the different periods, mainly during the time of the second Bulgarian Empire (1185 - 1396).

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