Bulgaria Culture News - Unique Roman Amphitheatre Slumbers Beneath Sofia Downtown

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Bulgaria Culture News - Unique Roman Amphitheatre Slumbers Beneath Sofia Downtown
Some archaeologists say that Bulgaria may be called Rome of the Balkans, The Standart shares.
Serdica - an ancient names of Sofia, was a military, economic and culture centre in the Roman Empire.
And while local culture tourism is redirected to Perperikon and other spots dispersed all over this country, a mystic town slumbers beneath Sofia downtown, told from Standart.
The excavations under the medieval St. Sofia church started in the 1940s.
There is a huge Roman necropolis under the church with dozens of tombs stretching under the building of the National Assembly.
Archaeologists and historians reckon the remnants from Roman times and the later cultural strata are unique and can be found nowhere else in the world.
There appears the problem. Round 10 million EUR are needed to take at the surface all the Roman rests.
‘The Heart of the City' project which aims to exhibit Serdica costs 7 million EUR.
The other 3 million EUR will be necessary for researches, conservation and adaptation of the unique amphitheatre, discovered 2 years ago.
The Standart reveals that last week the amphitheatre that was named ‘Sofia Coliseum'.
The walls of the ancient Roman city encircle the region between Alabin Str., Hristo Botev Blv and Iskar Str.

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