Bulgaria Business News - New Advertisement Campaing About Bulgaria In Europe

Bulgaria Business News - New Advertisement Campaing About Bulgaria In Europe

The Bulgarian State agency on tourism has started negotiations carriers for advertising the Bulgarian tourism on the T.I.R.s from the international transport. Thus successfully we can draw the attention, for example, over our golden treasures. This said the chair of the agency Aneliya Krushkova at a seminar in Velingrad, which marks the international day of tourism.
Till the end of the year the state tourist agency will start an advertisement campaign about Bulgaria on the boxes for milk, juice and bread. Thus while shopping in Western Europe 4 million consumers will be attracted to visit Bulgaria.
The Indian tourists and the European pensioners could infuse funds in the Bulgarian tourism, said Aneliya Krushkova. 7 million Indian people travel abroad per year. Until 2020 they are expected to increase to 30 million. The problem with them is that 44% are vegetarians.
100 million pensioners live in Europe. 40% of them have never traveled and these are potential tourists for us, claimed Krushkova.
A growth of 17.03% of the tourists in this summer season reported the state agency on tourism. The forecast is that by the end of the year the growth will continue to 20%. This year's revenues in tourism are 1.454 billion euro, which is with 12.3% more than the last year, informed experts from the agency.
To remind, according to Krassimir Gergov – chairman of the National board on tourism, 1-1.5% of the revenues in the field should be given for advertisement of Bulgaria as an attractive tourist destination.
The price for a truck to be covered with the advertisement will be around 500 EUR, while the advertisement on foods will be around 30 000 EUR.
2.5 million euro is the annual budget of the agency for advertisement.


by Olga Yoncheva   



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