Bulgaria Business News - 11000 Tons of Honey Produced Per Year in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Business News - 11000 Tons of Honey Produced Per Year in Bulgaria

Bulgaria produces between 8000 and 11000 tons of honey, announced in Burgas Gancho Ganev, Chair of the National organization "Bulgarian bee union", Agency "Focus" reported.
The consumption of bee honey per person in Bulgaria is 400-500 grams per year. In Germany the numbers are 2-3 kilograms, while the average consumption for Europe is 1,5-2 kilograms, Ganev announced. The production of honey in the country in different years varies and depends on climatic conditions, as last year production did not even reach 8 thousand tons.
Between 5 and 8 thousand tons of honey are offered for sale. "The export is between 3 and 6 thousand tons of honey. We want to popularize honey consumption in Bulgaria. It is proven that the price on the Bulgarian market is better, than that of export, because Bulgaria with its export takes 1% of European honey trade. 140000-150000 tons of honey are traded per year in Europe. The major business partner of Bulgaria is Germany, after that come France, Italy, Spain, but the quantity is between 300 and 500 tons per year, Gancho Ganev says.

by Stefan Nikolov   



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