Bulgaria Business News - Bulgaria Among the Good Ones Regarding Unemployment

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Bulgaria Business News - Bulgaria Among the Good Ones Regarding Unemployment

Bulgaria is among the countries which for a year have succeeded in reducing significantly the level of unemployment. For one year the number of the unemployed people has dropped from 7% to 5.7% show EUROSTAT data.
Poland has also succeeded in limiting the unemployment – from 9.5% to 7.3%. In Spain the number of unemployed has grown from 8.1% to 10.7%. In Ireland the percentage of people with no work has also increased from 4.5% to 5.7%.
The high unemployment was one of the “Transition's vices”. The abrupt transformation of the economies led to many tremors, closure of enterprises. Those who succeeded in overcoming the difficulties and the open a new page are not many. There will be hardly any people who will praise the state for finding them work.
Many mayors face the problem with unemployment. In practice, this issue does not exist in the capital. Sofia is a strategic place for the investors and an attractive business territory. Therefore it has turned into something like the “American dream” for the people from the province who seek work mainly for a higher salary. The small towns, however, do not possess such mechanism for attracting of workers as Sofia does.
Whether the unemployment will remain “our red point in the EU” in the future, it is not clear. The financial and energy problems are already reaching every corner of the world economy. The enterprises are threatened because of their growing expenses.
With the growing inflation in the EU at the background, the reduction of unemployment in some European countries causes positive assessments. In the Eurozone the seasonal unemployment in June 2008 was 7.3%. The unemployment at the same time last year was 7.4%. In the 27 member states of the EU the unemployment in June is 6.8%.
According to EUROSTAT in June 2008 16 322 million people in EU were unemployed. 11 352 million of them in the Eurozone. Compared to June 2007 the number of unemployed has decreased with 600 thousand people and has remained unchanged in the Eurozone. The lowest levels of unemployment are in Denmark – 2.6% and The Netherlands – 2.8%. The worst examples in this regard are Spain – with 10.7% and Slovakia – with 10.5%.


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