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We rented 4 bikes to tour Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia in 2024. The people at Motoroads were very responsive and proactive. When my bike had a SW issue, they dispatched a replacement bike straight to where I was so I didn't lose any time because of the issue. When I broke a windshield, they were understanding and found a reasonable price for the replacement. Great experience, great bikes, great people. Will recommend them anytime. Jose AM2024-29-06


One of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Harley-Davidson Motor Company was founded in Milwaukee and manufactured its first motorcycle in 1903. The legendary company is the largest American motorcycle manufacturer and the world's oldest continuously operating motorcycle manufacturer. Harley-Davidson is known for producing motorcycles with unique style and sound. In the world of bikes, there is nothing more distinctive than the chrome-coated fenders, the teardrop gas tank and the “potato potato” voice of a Harley-Davidson V-twin motor on the road. Designed for cruising on highways, Harley-Davidson motorbikes are heavyweight, with engines greater than 700 cc. They are gave rise to the tradition of heavy modification and customization - the birth of the chopper style of motorcycle characterized by stretched frames, hardtail frames, larger than stock front wheels, long front ends with extended forks often coupled with an increased rake angle. "Harleys" reflect the all-American appeal for freedom and have attracted legions of devoted fans all over the world, transforming the Harley-Davidson into something more than just a motorcycle company. The over 110-years old motorcycle brand has managed to become part of US history and heritage and achieved world-wide cult status. It has come to represent the freedom of the open road and a source of self-expression - all concentrated in one little logo. Harley-Davidson's brand continues to endure because of its powerful, universal dual essence of personal freedom and collectivism. If you would like to explore your personal freedom and yet share your riding experience with like-minded people across Europe, look no further but hire a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

  • Manual transmission , Petrol, Seat height : 71cm (), Rear wheel mud protector, ABS, Side stand, Electric starter, Engine guard, Windshield, Air-cooled, Side case racks, Fuel level gauge, Passenger seat, Мotorbike rentals in Melbourne

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  • Manual transmission , Petrol, Seat height : 69cm (), Rear wheel mud protector, Radio, ABS, 12V standard socket, Alarm, Side stand, Top case rack, Electric starter, Engine guard, Windshield, Side case racks, Fuel level gauge, Passenger seat, Мotorbike rentals in Melbourne

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