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Everything went well ! Very good support from rental station in Malaga, motorcycle itself almost new and in very good condition. Oct 2023 Sebastian2023-02-11


One of the most iconic Italian brands, Ducati has been established by the Ducati family and other investors in 1926 in Bologna. In the very beginning the company produced industrial and radio components which were very successful and helped the its growth. The motorcycle production has been started after the Second World War in 1946 by introducing the Cucciolo - a small auxiliary motor for bicycles. The Cucciolo rapidly became a popular miniature motorcycle. The 50s have been marked by the birth of the Cruiser 175 cc, with an electric starter and automatic transmission and the employment of engineer Fabio Taglioni. Several new motorcycle models have been introduced to the world - Tourist 174 and the 200 cc "Elite". In 1962 the produced Ducati Scrambler 250cc was mainly marketed in the States, but later became popular in Italy as well turning into one of the most beloved bikes in the country. In 1972, Ducati participated in the Imola 200 Miles, presenting a new twin cylinder desmodromic 750cc engine and won fist and second place. As a follow up, the Ducati 750 Supersport hit the market. In 1983 Ducati became part of the Cagiva Group and expanded its presence on the global motorbike sale and racing market. In 1993 Ducati Monster became Ducati's biggest success, followed by the launch of 916 - one of the most beautiful classic road bikes ever built. In 2002 Ducati launched its model 999 - announced "Bike of the Year" by British Motorcycle News magazine followed by Ducati Multistrada in 2003. Today Ducati continue to build motorbikes with its signature 90-degree V-Twin motors and steel trellis frames which have become one of the most desirable racing-inspired motorcycles for motorbike fans around the world.