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Very good and easy first snowmobile rental. Customer services were excellent and answered all my questions promptly. Will use again. Lyudmil2016-23-07
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Two Riders snowmobiles or so-called 2UPs are а great rental choice to enjoy winter outdoors with friends. They feature the most advanced suspension geometry, predictable and easy handling and strong chassis. Their reliable, 4-stroke, fuel-injected engines deliver fuel economy and durability so that the riders enjoy trouble-free riding and great performance. Designed for long hour riding, 2UP snowmobiles have comfortable seats made from non-slippery material, extra tall windshields for better protection and heated handlebars. Most of them provide additional comfort for snowmobilers due to their adjustable backseats, spacious cargo storage and even heated driver’s visor power outlet. The most popular two riders snowmobiles include Yamaha RS Venture GT, Yamaha Venture Lite, Yamaha RS Viking Professional, Polaris Turbo IQ LXT, Sci-Doo GTSE 1200 4-TEC and Sci-Doo Grand Touring Sport.

  • Automatic transmission , Petrol, Height : 133cm (TWO UP), Heated rider grips, Windshield, Alarm, Luggage compartment, Deep snow chains, Fuel level gauge, Passenger backrest, Mirrors, Air-cooled, Snowmobile hire in Pamporovo

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