Bulgaria Travel News - Unique Eco-Park Constructed near Elena Mountain Town

Bulgaria Travel News - Unique Eco-Park Constructed near Elena Mountain Town
A unique eco - project, costing round 2 million EUR is being realized 3 kilometers away from Elena mountain town in Stara Planina Mountain.
The project is called ‘Ecopark' Elena and is complex of Bulgarian national style houses and farms for rural tourism.
The idea of the owner Alexander Yovchev is to turn the bought by him 350 decares land in a real peace of heaven.
The project previews a complex of 8 restored unique houses and farms for raising horses and buffaloes to be finished to 2011.
To the moment there are 2 fully restored houses, more than 150 years old which already receive guests and are famous as ‘The Yovchevs' House' and ‘The Granny Dana's House'.
The young owner prepares additional attraction for the complex - rehabilitating of local crafts. The main local crafts - herb drying, smoked rounds preparing, bee-keeping and etc will be presented along with typical national life objects - exponents of over 100 years old.
Only the guests of the eco-complex will have the opportunity to try real yellow cheese of buffalo milk, prepared by traditional local recipe.
Because the rural complex will rise more than 100 buffaloes of the rare breed Bulgarian Mura on the cost of 1 million EUR.
To the moment the Eco Park already has 17 young buffaloes, raised in perfect conditions and 3 mares and 3 stallions as there already appeared the first young foals, attraction for the children.  

by Kristalina Ilieva   


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