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Ritza Hotel Reviews

 , United Kingdom ()
TESTIMONIALS Solo traveller Customer review rating
PROS: clean room, pleasant staff, quiet area.
CONS: Same food every day with no variation, no entertainment whatsoever, rooms very basic, pool closing at 5pm

 , UK ()
TESTIMONIALS Solo traveller Customer review rating
PROS: My partner and stayed at the ritza hotel on our first stay in Bulgaria. We were very happy with the hotel as it was more secluded than the others and things like the pool were very private (hate bathing in a pool looking out onto the beach or road, horrible!) The food was great, i am a veggie and had no problem, had eggs and toast in the morning or some nice musli or fruit. The staff were very friendly and the rooms were very clean. Sometimes when we came up after they had cleaned it there would be little towel swans! When we got the hotel late after our flight they had prepared a platter of food for us. Little things like that made our visit intimate and enjoyable...You will love it if you want a relaxing break.

 , UK ()
TESTIMONIALS Solo traveller Customer review rating
PROS: We heard lots of good things about Bulgaria, so decided to go before it joined the EU. Chose the Ritza for it's looks.

 , UK ()
TESTIMONIALS Solo traveller Customer review rating
PROS: Hotel Ritza only 2 years old and spotlessly clean,modern and acceptable anywhere else in Europe,you will not be dissappointed.Apparently run by Russians but cleaning and tending of gardens going on all day and when female boss appears on the scene watch all the staff jump and make themselves look busy. Hotel is half board,only ate there once,basically because only served between 6 and 8,we tend to eat later and although buffet it was same every night. As you know it is so cheap to eat there we walked the 500 metres past the Grand Varna into the centre and after a couple of days found Figaros just over the bridge and up the stairs.very Englishified with super food,soups,omlettes, roast lamb,steaks etc served by the owner Chris and his helpful crew.obviously once people find this place they make it their local,even at dinner it is good if you only feel like some soup or fried eggs and and drinks now half the price of the hotel,remarkably cheap. The lovely little street is full of stalls selling fake perfumes and watches,designers tee shirts,toys and jewellery,the funny thing about them is you look they jump on you giving the spiel and of course Brits dont like this and walk of in frustration,in the even ing when it gets very busy you can have a good look then because they are busy serving somebody else.If your tempted by the jewellery dont buy until you have been there a few days and if you see something a bit dearer than normal go to Varna first,10 leva in a taxi,less than 4£

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