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Hetodon Hotel Reviews

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TESTIMONIALS Solo traveller Customer review rating
PROS: This hotel is a joke! we booked a two room apartment for two weeks, and when we arrived we where told that we booked in "hetodon 2". What meant some second hotel with the same name, witch had none of the "facilities" of the main hotel. + the breakfast was to be taken 10 minutes by foot in the other hotel. So after long bargaining we finally got a room in the "breakfast " Hotel. The breakfast had to be not on buffet but on menu, written by tour operator, but what we got was breakfast just for two in stead of three, and the menu was fix, 1 course , means different variation of bread and (maybe) butter, and tee or (very bad) coffee. We tried the kitchen once and never again, because it was horrible. This is for sure the reason that the restaurant had not one singe guest in two weeks time. The pool is just 3 m long and there is absolutely no pool bar as written in description. The breakfast of a every singe day you could smell in the bathroom, because they had just one chimney , starting from the kitchen trough all the bathrooms up to the roof. beautiful !!! I can tell you it was the worth hotel experience I ever had in my life !!!

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