Motoroads travel news blog - BMW Motorbike Rental in Istanbul and Ataturk Airport

Motoroads travel news - BMW Motorbike Rental in Istanbul and Ataturk Airport
BMW Motorbike Rental in Istanbul and Ataturk Airport Starting January 24, 2014 Motoroads became an official motorcycle rental partner of BMW Turkey. We now offer motorbike rental in Istanbul and at Istanbul Ataturk airport. The range of motorcycles for rent include BMW R 1200 GS, BMW F 800 GS and BMW F 700 GS. Motorcycle rental rates start from 95 EUR per day with 300km /daily mileage included/. All motorbike rental models are equipped with top case and vario cases are available upon request. The 2012 BMW F 700 GS and 2012 BMW F 800 GS are your ultimate entry-level adventurers for rent, no matter whether you are headed to an off-road tour or an urban road in Turkey. The 2012 BMW 1200 GS is a great rental choice for Turkey under all conditions and in all situations, which is a great plus on the often severe off-road terrains in Turkey.

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