Bulgaria Travel News - Bulgaria Ranks 57th in the World Regarding Security

Bulgaria Travel News - Bulgaria Ranks 57th in the World Regarding Security

Iceland, Denmark and Norway are the most peaceful countries in the world. The most violence happens in Iraq.
This was announced after data of the Global Peace Index for 2008. In this index Bulgaria ranks at 57th position with 1,903 points from 140 countries.
The little points the state has, the more peaceful it is.
Last year Bulgaria was at 54th position from 121 countries with even worst result with 1,936 points.
In this years index Iceland has a result of 1,176 points and removes Norway from the first position. Germany ranks 14th, France stands at 36th position, UK - 49th, USA takes the 97th place and Russia 131st.
At the end is Iraq with 3,514 points, preceded by Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan.

by Blaga Bangieva   


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