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last year went on a to southern Spain with a group and two of the group hired bikes in Spain from - they left three days after us and arrived back three days before us. collected and dropped the bikes at the airport. They said the service was excellent and the bikes didn't break down like some of the groups own bikes. Also they had panniers top box etc all supplied as part of the deal. I am definitely hiring a bike next trip to Spain so I can spend more time touring rather than getting there and back! Paul Gregory2019-26-02
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Map Ягодина
YAGODINA » Yagodina is a small village located in the western Rhodopes, close to Trigrad and the border with Greece. It is situated 26 km south of Devin and 266 km southeast of Sofia. The road to Yagodina runs through the scenic Byunovsko gorge overhanging both sides of the Byunovska river. The village is tucked away among the hills between the Durdada peak to the south and the St Ilya peak to the north. The wild karst terrain abounds in caves and Yagodinska cave (Imamova Dupka) is the landmark of the region. Covering 10 km labyrinth of broad and narrow tunnels, the cave spreads over 5 levels and it is the largest cave-system in Bulgaria. Visitors can enjoy the relics from an Eneolithic cave settlement with interesting grafitto decoration (4th milennium BC) and rare rock formations such as cave pearls, stalactites, stalagmites, elephant ears, leopard fur and many more. The cave is supplied with electricity.


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