Me and my brother in law rented two motorbikes (BMW) in Munich for a week long alptour. When you get older (I am 69), you want a little more comfort in life. So we took the airplane from Stockholm to Munich in the morning and three hours later we got our bikes at Motoroads! The office was ease to access from the airport - train direct to Ost Bahnhof and then only ten minutes walk to shop. The bikes and all the paperwork was prepared by the staff. The staff were excellent and the bikes in perfect condition - good value for money! After renting motorbikes at Motoroads, I say: Live easy - Fly, rent and drive! Sven from Sweden Sven Hedlund2018-14-09


 Jazz Fest in Haskovo
сен 20, 2018, Motoroads

 Offroad Festival in Plovdiv
сен 20, 2018, Motoroads

 Hear Devin Festival in Rhodope Mountains
сен 20, 2018, Sofia Car Rent

 Adventures in the Old Town of Plovdiv
сен 20, 2018, Plovdiv Car Rent

 Folklore Festival in Parvomaytsi
сен 20, 2018, Varna Car Rent

 Wine and Cultural Heritage Festival in Stara Zagora
сен 20, 2018, Burgas Car Rent

 National Folklore Festival in Balchik
сен 20, 2018, Vanillarent

 David Garrett in Sofia
сен 20, 2018, Sofia Airport Transfer

 One Dance Week in Plovdiv
сен 20, 2018, Plovdiv Airport Transfer

 Festival of the Bulgarian Golden Rose in Varna
сен 20, 2018, Varna Airport Transfer

 Orlin Pavlov in Bourgas
сен 20, 2018, Bourgas Airport Transfer

 International Festival in Gabrovo
сен 20, 2018, Bulgaria Airport Transfer

 Green Folk Fest in Rousse
сен 09, 2018, Motoroads

 Bulgarian Festival of plum in Troyan
сен 09, 2018, Motoroads

 Sands Sculpture Festival in Burgas
сен 09, 2018, Bourgas Car Rent

 Folk Festival in Stara Zagora
сен 09, 2018, Sofia Car Rent

 Worlsd Men Volleyball Championship in Varna
сен 09, 2018, Varna Car Rent

 Trimontiade Festival in Plovdiv
сен 09, 2018, Plovdiv Car Rent

 The power of Rock in Sofia
сен 09, 2018, Vanillarent

 International Fair of Folk Crafts in Gabrovo
сен 09, 2018, Bulgaria Airport Transfer