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Bulgaria hotels Yambol property for sale in BulgariaThe town of Yambol has population of 94 345 inhabitants and it is at 135 meters above the sea level. It is situated in the eastern part of the Gornotrakiiska valley. It is at 37 km. north of Elhovo, 106 km. west of Bourgas, 28 km. south – east of Sliven, 304 km. east of Sofia. Yambol is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns situated on the both banks of the Tounzha river. Interesting cultural historical sights of the town are the St.George church with a remarkable iconostasis, the Roman baths, the Niddle Ages fortress, etc. Close to Yambol is the beautiful area of Ormana. The Archaeological reserve “Kabile” is situated north of the town. It preserves the ruins of the most significant antique Thracian town of Kabile which has been investigated for more than 25 years. The remains are really impressive.