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Bulgaria hotels Vidin property for sale in BulgariaTown of Vidin (57 614 inhabitants, 20-25 m above sea level) is situated on the bank of the Danube River, on its big curve in the most northwestern corner of Bulgaria. It is 199 km the northwest from Sofia, 102 km northwest from Montana, 52 km north from Belogradchik, 56 km northwest from Lorn and 30 km south-east from the border town of Bregovo. Vidin is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns. It is a regional administrative centre. The past of this town dates 23 centuries ago. As early as 3rd century BC the Celts built a settlement here with the name Dounonia (a high and fortified place). The Romans put into final shape the fortress with the purpose to guard the border road along the Danube and named Bononia. Bulgarians named the town Bdin, and Byzantines -Vidini. In the meantime it was ruined and built again many times.