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Bulgaria hotels Veliko Tarnovo property for sale in BulgariaThe heart of Veliko Tarnovo started pulsing about 13th century BC when the first Thracians settled here. Nowadays the town, rich in historical and cultural heritage, picturesque and panoramic views, leaves the tourists life-long fascinated and touched by its beauty. Veliko Turnovo was founded at the foot of the North Balkan Range and centuries later spread on four hills – Tzarevetz, Trapezitsa, Sveta Gora and Momina Krepost. The meanders of the river Yantra were used as natural protection from enemies and the Medieval town was additionally supported by fortified walls. After the successful uprising against Byzantine domination organised and led by two brothers – Asen and Petar in 1185, Veliko Tarnovo became the capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. For two centures the town developed quickly and became a significant centre of culture, politics, economy and religion. During that period literature, art and crafts thrived and remarkable architectural monuments were created.