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Bulgaria hotels Varna property for sale in BulgariaThe city of Varna is situated at the Bay of Varna, 470 km east of Sofia. Varna is the biggest city at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is situated at the same latitude with Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Livorno. It is nestled in the deep valley between the Frengen Plareau and the Avren Plateau, where two lakes were formed during the polyotsen - the Beloslav Lake is to the west of the city and the other - Varna Lake is within the limits of the city itself. Varna is a city over 11 km long, its width, including the new residential quarters is nearly 9 km. The city is like an amphitheatre and follows the curves of the Bay of Varna. Varna is surrounded by lots of gardens, vineyards and deciduous groves. Almost the whole territory is occupied with private country-houses and their small farms. The city is a regional admin- istrative centre. Varna has a history that could be traced back for thousand years.