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Bulgaria hotels Tryavna property for sale in BulgariaTryavna - the centre of the Bulgarian Revival spirit is situated at the North foot of Stara Planina and some 20 km from Gabrovo. The old part of the town is an architectural reserve with its 140 monuments of the Revival architecture. Wood-carving and icon-painting brought the unfading glory of Tryavna. The town is well famous for its Art School in Woodcarving and Icon drawing. Other unique places are the Museum of woodcarving and icon-painting in Daskalov′s House, St. Archangel Michael Church (1819), the Revival ensemble with the Clock Tower (1814), the old stone fountains and the Arch bridge (1845). In August the city hosts the Summer Holiday of Craftsmanship and Arts. The Museum of Tryavna icon-painting school exhibits 160 icons created in the period of 17th-19th century, autentic tools and paints that had given birth to the expressive and living images of the Christian saints.