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Bulgaria hotels Troyan property for sale in BulgariaTroyan Municipality is located at the foot of Stara Planina mountain. It consists of 38 residential places with a territory of 888 850 square meters.The town of Troyan lies on the terraced banks of Beli Osam river, at an altitude of 450 meters and it has 25 000 inhabitants. That geographical location provides favourable conditions for good transport connections. You can reach South Bulgaria through Troyan Pass. The distance to Sofia is 160 km and to Varna - 300 km. Troyan is named after the ancient Roman road Via Trayana crossing the Balkan Mountain through today’s Troyan Pass. During the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation in 1877 Troyan was devastated by the Turkish army and then rebuilt out of the ashes. Troian is famous for its traditions in carpentry, wood-carving, pottery-making and woolen textile which are still leading and vital together with fruit-growing, especially of plums. Nowadays it is known as the town of plums and the famous plum brandy. In autumn there is a celebration of plums and plum brandy.