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Bulgaria hotels Sozopol property for sale in BulgariaThe town of Sozopol with population of 5,000 people is situated 34 km South-East of Bourgas, and 420 km south-east of Sofia. Sozopol lies on a small rocky peninsula in the farthest southern area of the the Bourgas Bay. A 100 metre long strip of land connects it to the mainland. After 1925 the town started to grow in the direction of Harmani Area and today it occupies considerably larger territory on the mainland. The first settlements belonged to the Tnracian tribes of Nipsei and Skirimian. In 7th century BC Greek colonisers settled there and called the town after Apollo, the God of arts. Apolonia developed mainly as a trading centre for honey, wax, corn, wine, olive oil, olives, textiles, jewellery, and pottery. The numerous finds are evidence that Sozopol used to be the trading centre of the whole of the Black Sea coast. Much earlier in 13th century BC the Argonauts led by Iazon, Heraklitis and Orpheus came ashore. The love for travelling and discovering made the inhabitants of Apolonia in those times travel, trade and found new colonies.