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Bulgaria hotels Sliven property for sale in BulgariaOn 24th May 2004 a new GOLF COURSE was opened near Sliven. It spreads on the territory of 500 000 sq.m. This is the second golf playground operating in Bulgaria after the one near Ihtiman. It proposes all kinds of modern facilities even for the most capricious clients. The company keen to complete the Formula 1 track near the town of Sliven has obtained a satellite picture of the area in south Bulgaria. Sliven municipality is situated in the south-eastern region of Bulgaria and covers 1367 The town of Sliven is situated at the foot of the unique rock massif "Sinite Kamani"(The Blue Stones), very close to mineral springs. Sliven is famous for its clean fresh air, mineral water sources, meek winter and cool summer. Sliven is situated on the international highway E-773 which connects Sofia with Bourgas. Sliven is only 110 km away from the biggest commercial port of Bulgaria – Bourgas (at the Black Sea coast). Alongside with this road route, there is a railroad.